Untouched Beauty in New Mexico 0.5 -Acres for $44/Monthly Sold

  • $900

Freshly lined out and rich in potential, this 0.5-acre lot is packed with possibilities! Resting in the spacious deserts of Luna County, abundant in space and bright sunlight, this property is perfect for those wanting to slow down and recline or those looking to escape. Tap into the earth’s potential and carve your dreams into New Mexico! With open planes of desert surrounding your new home, you can have a fun day out in the sun however you please. From ATVs across the land to campfire nights under the stars, it all could be done at your new home!

When you’re ready to venture out into the County and enjoy the fun beyond your home, there are great attractions at your disposal! A perfect example would be the City of Rocks State Park, a great place to visit and explore for the day. Travel to the scenic Dipping Springs and bask in the antique beauty of the site and enjoy the Statue of the Roadrunner along the way! Perfect for those who are just looking to slow down and unwind somewhere nice and peaceful. With all this to offer you’d be crazy to pass it up! Sign today!

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Property Information

APN: 3053143120118

County: Luna

State: New Mexico

Acre: 0.5


Cash Price: $900


Owner Financing:

$99 Down + $99 closing Fee and $50 Monthly for 20 Months

Luna County, New Mexico
Lot Size:
0.5 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:

Call (214) 509-7236 for more details