Privacy and Security on 0.5-Acres in Luna, NM! $50/Mo For Sale

  • $900

Come and build your home where you can feel closer to the stars. With this 0.5 acres in Luna County, you have more than enough space to build your home filled with all the amenities your heart desires such as a pool for hot summer days or a jacuzzi for cool autumn nights. This is a place filled with a rich history so that you and the family can enrich your knowledge. The climate here allows for mild winters and warm summers, giving you the four seasons without being extreme. Enjoy this slice of paradise that gives you privacy that you can’t experience in big cities so that you and your family can develop a closer bond with nature. The attractions close to your new property are both educational and fun with options for the entire family. Visit the Deming Luna Mimbres Museum and the Museum of Nature and Science to have a peek at the history of your country. Relax your mind at the Desert Lake Golf Course where it is green for as far as the eye can see. For more exciting adventures you and your family can play all day and the Wet N Wild Water World that is filled with pools and waters slides for the whole family to enjoy. Move to Luna County and make memories for the whole family to enjoy. Call or message us now for more information.

Property Information

APN: 3038137456387

County: Luna

State: New Mexico

Acre: 0.5

Price: $900

Owner Financing: $99Down-$50Monthly/20Months


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Sun Down RD
Deming, NM 88030
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For Sale
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