Make your Personal Paradise with 40.19 acres in Humboldt County for $450/Mo For Sale

  • $23,999

Did you have dreams of being a cowboy? Are you tired of city life? Do you long for wide open spaces? Then look no further, we have 40.19 acres in Nevada that will suit your every need. With this large and open space, you have options like never before. Build your dream home with luxuries others cant even dream of. Do you or your kids like riding bikes? Then make your own dirt bike track. Is playing golf your hobby, why not make your own private golf course, invite your friends over and have fun without leaving your home. Want to keep fit and healthy? Create the home gym that works best for you and never worry about having to wait for machines ever again. Do you want to cool down on hot summer days? With all the space your new property provides, don’t just dig a pool, make a water park that will keep your kids happy for years to come. When you have 41 acres you don’t have to choose, you can have it all.

Make a date and visit Lovers Lock Plaza where you can fasten a lock on the chain and throw away the key uniting your love forever. Learn the local his at Humboldt Museum or immerse yourself and your family in the wonders of science at The Discovery. This is the deal of a lifetime, don’t miss this opportunity. Call or message us now for more information and start building you own paradise.

Property Information

APN: 10-0601-10

Size: 40.19 acres

State: NV

County: Humboldt


Cash price: $23,999.00


Owner finance:

Down Payment: $999 + $99 Doc Fee

Monthly: $450

Months: 60

Winnemucca, NV
Lot Size:
40.19 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:

Call (214) 509-7236 for more details