Leisure and Freedom at your Fingertips in Luna, NM! 0.5-Acres Only $50/Mo For Sale

  • $900

Do you like having a big backyard? Do you want to BBQ in the summer with your family? Then this 0.5 acres in Luna County is perfect for you. With this property you can build your own version of paradise. If your desire is a pool for swimming or a jacuzzi for soaking, it’s only limited by your imagination. Fill your new home with amenities such as a private gym, home theater or your own arcade keeping your whole family entertained. Enjoy mild winters perfect for building snowmen and long summers days brimming with memories that will last a lifetime. Revel in this piece of heaven and make the house you and your family dream about.

Have fun at the attractions close to your new home. Choose to have leisurely weekends, taking long walks or riding your bike. Dine in, have take-out or order delivery from restaurants nearby allowing you to have a taste of the local cuisine. Are you a history buff? Visit numerous museums such as the Basin Range Geolapidary Museum, Silver City Museum or Geronimo Springs Museum and gain a new understanding of your new home. Unwind and play a round of golf with new golf courses you haven’t experienced before. If you want to make your heart race, try taking your dirt bike for a ride. Bring your family closer to nature by taking them hiking or camping. Time waits for no one, call or message us now for more information and make your move to Luna County.

Property Information

APN: 3032144010477

County: Luna

State: New Mexico

Acre: 0.5


Cash Price: $ 900


Owner Financing:

$99 Down + $99 doc fee


$20 Months

Luna, New Mexico
Lot Size:
0.5 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:

Call (214) 509-7236 for more details