0.5-Acres of Sky Peak views in New Mexico Only $50/Monthly! For Sale

  • $900

Resting at the foot of the mighty Dragon Ridge and secluded in its location, this 0.5-acre lot of land makes for the ideal placement for those seeking to get away from it all. For those who want to hide away from normal everyday tasks and want to roll back the years for just a while, this is the perfect space for you!

Luna County is calm and quiet and the land around is filled with potential! All it will take is some hard work and some well-deserved sweat, and you’ll have made the next place to call home. The clear skies and the wide-open fields that surround the property make for the perfect scene to support the beautiful home that will be constructed by you.

Accompanied by the natural beauty that it boasts, Luna has many tourist attractions scattered across the county for tourists and new residents to take in and enjoy! The detailed and vast history on display at the Deming Luna Museum presents the perfect chance for you to get lost in and enjoy. However, for those who wish to have a more active and adventurous escape for the day, the City of Rocks State Park is the perfect place for you to go and enjoy the volcanic rocks and all the formations across the landscape that have formed over the years. With just the swing of a pen across the dotted line this could all be your new home!

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Property Information 

APN: 3051145387467

County: Luna

State: New Mexico

Acre: 0.5


Cash Price: $900


Owner Financing:

$99 Down +$99 Closing Fee and $50 Monthly for 20 Months

Luna County, New Mexico
Lot Size:
0.5 Acres
For Sale
Property Type:

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